Special Sundays w/ Hawdwerk & Jansport J

Originally aired: September 19, 2010, they talk about how they got their names, how they came together and how long they each have been rapping/producing. We also spoke about “High Power Moves”, as far as why they titled it that, who they worked with on it, their favorite songs, the inspiration behind “Computer”, the video for “Ride”, their next upcoming video and releasing the samples from the project as well. Then we talked about which of Jansport J’s projects is his favorite, his vision behind “MoveMeants” and the video for it. We also talked about Hawdwerk’s “Off The Clock” mixtape, why he chose to do a mixtape, who he worked with and his favorite track. Other topics we discussed included: their new label, janky promoters, who they would like to work with, what’s next for them and more.

Click below to listen to the full interview and download it by clicking  HERE