Special Sundays & Misogyny in Hip-hop

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfyOqNKG52I&w=320&h=240]

Special Sundays Radio Show explores the topic of misogyny in hip-hop.

Our topic is misogyny, as well as females negative depiction, in hip hop music, especially music played on mainstream, commercial radio. We did a radio show on KSFS that included; a discussion on the topic, phone calls about the discussion, examples of the music with a good message towards/about women, prerecorded content from our peers and many solutions to this issue. The solutions we came up with are: rappers pledging to take the misogynistic lyrics out of their songs, parents and adults being better role models for children who are subject to the misogynistic lyrics in hip-hop, teaching them that those lyrics do not define them and they are wrong.Another solution is: people especially women, should be classy, strong and empowered. They should not let the lyrics define who they are and fit into the negative stereotypes that have been created in hip-hop.The final solutions are supporting conscious artists, who have positive messages in their music, by buying their music, going to their shows and promoting them, especially support the women rappers who have positive messages and do not play to the negative stereotypes that have been created for them. The solutions we have created are; our PSA which can be passed around and sent to radio stations, blogs etc, and an open letter on our website which can be sent to radio stations and music labels The website we created includes our radio show, a youtube recap of our radio show, our PSA, videos of conscious music artists and links to support them and so much more on the topic.

Listen to the full radio show below and for more check out www.RapRights.net