J. Cole Interview

Miss Special interviews J. Cole for SPECiAL SUNDAYS Radio Show on KSFS at San Francisco State University.

 They talked about the impact of “The Warm Up”, a video for “Lights Please”, why “In The Morning” was released so many times and his many person perspective rap style.

*Miss Special’s note: This interview was something I did for me; as a long time fan, as a pure appreciator of this man’s music, his journey and his inspiration. I didn’t do this interview for a “breaking story” and I damn sure didn’t want to ask him the same four questions that everyone else has been asking him for months. But I did want to take just a little bit of time to ask him some things I had wondered for years and really take the opportunity to thank him for the impact his music had on my life during the hardest of times. Plus what do you ask an artist who’s music you just really get? It may not mean much to you, but it’s incredible how much it means to me.