YC The Cynic & Yuri Beats Interview

Miss Special caught up with YC The Cynic and Yuri Beats at the release party for their project “Good Morning, Midnight”.

The two gave hilariously different versions of how they met and decided to work together. “I was walking the desert and the moment I thought there was no human life form I came across Yuri Beats and it was the most amazing experience ever because he had water and I was like wow, we should make music” says YC The Cynic. Yuri Beats followed up by telling a slightly different version about how he saw YC The Cynic perform at South Paw, to which YC The Cynic responds “the stories have to match bro”.

The two remarked on a comment made that their project was “like Drake, Kanye and The Pharcyde had a baby. Then YC raised it and released an album.”

Yuri Beats also spoke on the samples including about tUnE-yArDs sounding like “they wanted to be flipped” and Geto Boys “leveling out with Green Day” on “Brain Stew 2012”.

“I thought it would be fun to kidnap my friends.. I’m glad everyone was willing to be kidnapped and rap at the same time”, YC The Cynic said about the idea behind his video with Soul Khan, Sene and Von Pea, “More & More”.

The two also spoke about their upcoming plans including Yuri Beats working on Nitty Scott MC’s “Boombox Diaries Volume 1”, as well as, Max Burgundy and eXquire and YC The Cynic’s debut album “GNK”.