Omen Interview

Omen calls in to Special Sundays Radio Show with Miss Special to discuss his upcoming project “Elephant Eyes”, amongst other topics such as; writing during a food fight, his mystery sample for “Enchanted”, upcoming music with BJ The Chicago Kid, GLC, and more.

“I was on the tour when Cole was on tour with Rihanna, I was actually just working on the project on that tour, I wasn’t performing I was on the bus with them, writing and recording. I think it was after the show and they were just being clowns but I was in the zone so it didn’t really matter. It was crazy that I was able to write that in the midst of that food fight” he says about writing “Mama Told Me”.

When asked if he writes all his lyrics on paper he replied, “I see those Tupac books and all those books artists have, like rock and roll artists, when they retire or pass away. They have that left behind. So I do want that, but there are times when I do write in my phone.. or on my computer. But, majority of times I really write in a notebook. I like the nostalgia of it.”

With his upcoming project “Elephant Eyes” he is focusing on creating a sound “no one has heard before”, but he is just getting started. “I’m in the early stages, kind of in experimentation mode, really finding what I want the sound to be.” Being both a rapper and producer, after three previous projects where he felt like he was proving himself, this project is “more so fine tuning what I think my strengths are and differentiating me as an artist.”