Ro Blvd. Interview

When it comes to hip-hop, producers tend to be the amazing visualists; every thing they create has a great vision behind it, which in turn gives them the ability to subtly change many things about hip-hop. A great example of this is Los Angeles producer, Ro Blvd. After his latest release “Heart Pounding Panic”, Ro Blvd calls in to Special Sundays Radio Show to talk with Miss Special. He speaks on his newest project and newest ventures with his company Paperose Imagination, his history with music and wanting to change the musical standards, amongst many more topics.

“I tell people all the time through thick and thin, I’m gonna live and die by my samples. That’s who I am and that’s what helped raised me and that’s what helped open the doors to a project like ‘Heart Pounding Panic’. Just for the simple fact that sampling taught me so much”, he replied when asked about the comparison between this project and his previous, “Produc Placers 6”.

He later confesses his aim for his latest project. “I really want to push the musical standards as far as hip hop music goes, with rhythmic music, or even pop music. WIth “Heart Pounding Panic” I really wanted to tear down some walls as far as the genre position of the album.. I want people to feel good about listening to hip-hop again. I want people to be able to play it at a cocktail party and feel like they can listen to it without feeling bullied or feeling aggravated of some sort. I want people to feel proud again.”

He also speaks about working with Micah James again calling him “one of the top emcees, in general, period”. He says that he of course will have production on Thurzday’s upcoming album “Blood On The Canvas” and speaks on their collaboration process over the years.

Upcoming he has new videos for “Heart Pounding Panic”, hopefully two mixtapes before the end of the year, and his next full length project.