Bambu Interview

Yes this interview is slightly lengthy, but Bambu is an artist who’s message I completely admire and respect, so I didn’t want to cut too much out and there was a great deal that I wanted to talk about.

We of course spoke about his newest album “One Rifle Per Family”, where he said that he initially wanted it to be about family but it evolved into being about community. We also spoke about the features including Killer Mike, Rocky Rivera, and their son Kahlil.

In addition, we spoke about why this is his last album and what that entails for him. We also got to speak about things such as topics he’s been nervous to address, if he is ever overwhelmed by the news of the world, and where he gets his news.

Upcoming he is getting in the lab with the Soul Assassins camp, doing the Bambu vs DJ Muggs tape, another record from The Bar, working with Kixxie Siete & Rey Resurreccion, working with the Native Guns, working on Rocky Rivera’s “Gangster Of Love”, and more.