KMEL Segments

Something You Don’t Know About w/ SZA

Concert Karaoke: Justin Timberlake

Before, Now, & Next: Hopsin & Dizzy Wright

Before, Now, & Next: YDB

Before, Now, & Next: Danny Brown

Before, Now, & Next: Freddie Gibbs


#TBT Miguel Interview


They talk about his journey as an artist, working with Blu, working with U-N-I, working with J.Cole, the “All I Want Is You” music video, the release date for his album, and upcoming shows.

Sasha Go Hard Interview

Miss Special chats with Chicago’s Sasha Go Hard after her first show in the bay area. The two also talk about her upcoming tour in Tokyo and Europe, Plies enjoying her music, working with Little Debbie, her definition of the word bitch, her next project coming in March and more.

Persia Interview for A&M Radio

The Arts & Music had the pleasure to speak with arguably one of the most talented Hip Hop females in the game today, “Persia,” who had her breakout introduction to the rest of the world starring in VH1’s “Ego Trip’s White Rapper Show.” Since the show, Persia has been Hip Hop’s favorite, destroying the scene with classic projects, made a return to the mainstream Hip Hop Battle circuit, and will be a force to be reckoned with in 2014. She gives her thoughts on the very recent death of Queens Native/ G Unit “Mazaradi Fox,” her on wax beef with The Bay’s “Kreayshawn & V-Nasty,” and more! Listen to what she has been up to, interviewed by A&M’s very own “Miss Special.”

Official Website:
Twitter: @PersiaNYC

The Arts & Music:
Official Website:
Twitter: @TheArtsAndMusic, @ArtsMusicRadio, @ArtsMusicTV, @Branden_Arthur

Miss Special:
Official Website:
Twitter: @Miss1Special

AbJo Interview

San Diego producer AbJo catches up with Miss Special while in San Francisco. He speaks about flipping Nas’ “If I Ruled The World”, doing all the production for Real J Wallace’s “The Holyfield”, an update on Bam Circa 86’s “Trilly & Truly”, sending beats to Isaiah Rashad, and more.

Netta Brielle.

Special Sundays Radio Show with Netta Brielle.

1.More To A Kiss- Netta Brielle
2.Complacent- Rapsody ft. Problem
3. Maxine- Mars Today & Say Knowledge
4. Step Up- Nameless & Nametag ft. Red Pill
5. Enemy- Kelela
6. Passin Me By Jansport J Remix- The Pharcyde
7. Fall Into It- Jasmine Nichol
8. Nothing Even Matters- Nami Ramo
9. 702- I Still Love You
10. It’s The Weekend- Netta Brielle ft. BOB


Miss Special attended #HieroDay in Oakland, CA and got to catch up with Lucky I Am, J.Lately, Trackademicks, 1OAK, Nate The Great, C Plus, Moe Green, MURS, & Traxamillion including their favorite thing about #HieroDay and what they’re currently working on.

ScienZe Interview

ScienZe calls in to Special Sundays Radio Show to talk about his latest album “Ella”, he also speaks on his latest video with Sene “Happiness Is”, an update on The Holy Order, and what’s next for “Ella”.


L.A. Interview

Radio to me is all about storytelling and that is what I am proud to present with my latest interview with L.A., not only does her project have great stories within the songs, but she was able to tell me many of the stories behind the songs. In addition to her wonderful energy, her music is what I look for in great music; messages while still having fun. In our lengthy chat we completely explore L.A.’s latest project “Spark”. We spoke about the idea behind the title, her being able to express her roots, having more fun, what is upcoming for her, and so much more.

Download “Spark” here:

Jasmine Nichol Interview

Miss Special chats with Jasmine Nichol after her latest release #NoE. They speak about the idea behind the title, the reason behind the lowercase titles, working with Ru, and the collective she is a part of The Free Agents. They also speak about upcoming videos for the project and an unplugged release party.

J. Lately & J. Good Interview

Miss Special caught up with both J. Lately and J. Good after the release of their project “PB & J’s”. They spoke about the idea behind the title, their ultimate peanut butter and jelly sandwich, how many joints went in to the making of the project, how they chose the features, and much more.

TiRon & Ayomari Interview

Friday after their show in San Jose, Miss Special caught up with good friends of Special Sundays’ TiRon and Ayomari. They spoke about their latest release “The Wonderful Prelude Pt.1”, including breaking down the songs “Intro: The Trust Fall”, “PRTY N BLSHT”, and “The Master”. In addition they speak about the upcoming 2nd prelude and the album “The Great and Wonderful”.

Special Sundays Radio Show

Enjoy Special Sundays Radio Show ALL day Sunday!

2-4pm PST on Sac Town Radio or on the free Tune In app search: Sac Town Radio

6-8pm on Seattle’s Juice Radio or on the free Tune In app search: Juice Radio

10pm-12am on San Francisco’s All In Radio

Latest episode:

Special Sundays on Juice Radio w/ Jasmine Nichol & music for moms:
Jay- Z- “Momma Loves Me”
Ru- “Come Here (Remix)”
2 Player Co-Op (Trackademicks & 1OAK)- “Someone Great”
Brand Nubian- “Momma”
SBTRKT & Jessie Ware- “Nervous”
Nitty Scott, MC ft. Moe Isaac- “Sun-Kissed”
Soosh*E ft. April Bambao- “Change Your Mind”
Jasmine Nichol- “hippie turn Up”
Jasmine Nichol- “trippy things”
B. Lewis- “Adorn (Remix)”
Add 2 ft. Asia Monique- “Mother’s Day”
Cocaine 80’s ft Jhene Aiko & Common- “Fly Ass Pisces”
ScienZe ft Sene & Blu- “Happiness Is”
Jasmine Nichol- “seasons change”
Jasmine Nichol- “fall into it”
Clear Soul Forces- “Keep It Movin”
Erykah Badu- “Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long”
Levi Watson ft Chuuwee- “Triple Helix”
Mr. T- “Treat Your Mother Right”
Jasmine Nichol ft Sam’Yell- “don’t matter”
Audible Doctor- “That Uh”
Tupac- “Dear Mama”
Red Cup League- “Lullaby”
Hawdwerk- “Werk To Do”
Kay Cola ft Skeme & Dubb- “Home”
The Intruders- “I’ll Always Love My Momma”

Thelonious Martin Interview

Just days after releasing his latest project “From Me To You” Thelonious Martin skypes in to Special Sundays Radio Show.

He talks to Miss Special about the idea behind the title, the choosing of the features, and why he put in a quote from Curren$y. He also talks about his upcoming album and the brand he’s building behind it with “Homme Team”. They also spoke about his visions when making beats, the last track that made him say “OH SH!T”, making trap beats, photography, what he would do if one of his beats were featured on Adult Swim, and why he wants you to download his project for free. In addition he speaks on upcoming projects with Ev4n Holt, Topaz Jones, D-D, Chuuwee, and work with J.Nolan and Peter Cottontale.

Special Sundays Episodes on Juice Radio

Special Sundays April 21:
Tiron & Miguel- “Go”
Clear Soul Forces ft. Idris Elba- “Gotham City”
Ghostface- “Chez De La Ghost”
Dom Kennedy- “Choose Up”
Ru- “Master Plan Remix”
Jay Electronica ft. Jay Z & The Dream- “Shiny Suit Theory”
Sene- “Cult Classic”
DLRN ft. Prometheus Brown & Illecism- “Reset”
Ann Pebbles- “I Can’t Stand The Rain”
Missy Elliot- “Supa Dupa Fly”
Audible Doctor ft. Von Pea- “F.U.B.U.”
Vanessa Marquez- “In The Midnight Hour”
Pharrell x Daft Punk- “Get Lucky”
The Weekenders (Chuuwee, Bam Circa 86, Real J Wallace, PCH & Abjo)- “The Afternoon”
“We Don’t”- Zion I ft. Eligh & The Grouch
Jhene Aiko- “3:16am”
J. Dilla ft. Common & D’Angelo- “So Far To Go”
Fashawn- “Boy Meets World”
Keno- “Without You”
Ghost Town DJ’s- “My Boo”
Rapsody ft. BJ The Chicago Kid- “Good Good Love”
Bambu- “Coffee In My Left”
Actual Proof- “We Gon Continya”
Clipse ft. Ab-Liva- “Blaze Of Glory”
Tyler ft. Frank Ocean- “Bimmer”
J. Cole- “Hold It Down”
Jarell Perry- “If It Ain’t Too Late”
Biggie ft. Carlitta Durand- “One More Chance (Woody Remix)
Jasmine Nichol- “The Infusion Of Lover’s Hearts”
Jansport J- “Go!”

Special Sundays April 14 on Juice Radio:
King Thelonious ft. Volitiion- “Odds & Evens”
Gangstarr- “You Know My Steez”
Micah James- “Agoraphobia”
Big KRIT ft. Ashthon Jones- “Good 2getha”
Ill Camille ft. Iman Omari & Chyna Tahj- “Yeah Yeah”
Flying Lotus & MF DOOM- “My Favorite Ladies”
Nametag & Nameless- “May Day”
Pac Div ft Mac Miller- “Black Acura”
Thelonious Martin Interview Part 1
Thelonious Martin ft Ev4n Holt- “Homme Is Real”
Talib Kweli ft. Kanye West & Roy Ayers- “In The Mood”
Abstract Ninjaa & Konkwest- “Beefwrap”
Bambu- “Fig Newton”
Thelonious Martin Interview Part 2
Curren$y- “Talk My Shit”
Jasmine Nichol- “The Fantasy”
The Kid Daytona ft. Bun B- “Air Born”
Action Bronson- “Blackbird”
Thelonious Martin Interview Part 3
Hawdwerk & Jansport J ft. Planet Asia & TriState- “Bars & Noble”
Outkast- “Crumblin “Erb”
J. Good & J. Lately- “Chupa Chups”
Kurupt ft. Daz Dillinger- “Who Ride With Us”
Real J Wallace- “Foxy Brown”
Daft Punk x Pharrell- “We’re Up All Night..”
Thelonious Martin Interview Part 4
Xuice Hades- “Ultima Weapon”
Big Remo ft. Phonte- “Human Nature”
Kazim Trigg- “Kiss The Sky”
Tupac- “To Live & Die In LA”
MAD1NE- “Gassed Up”
Nitty Scott, MC- “Language Arts”
The Sweep- “Wor(L)d”
ZO! ft. Sy Smith- “This Train”
ScienZe- “The Answer”
Red Cup League- “Lost & Found”

Special Sundays March 30 on Juice Radio:
Fly Union ft. BJ The Chicago Kid & Pac Div- “Do It For You”
Big KRIT ft. Grillade- “Neva Go Back”
DLRN ft. Hopie- “Grapevine”
Koncept ft. Tanya Morgan- “Space Mountain”
Kanye West ft. Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco, & Big Sean- “Don’t Look Down”
Signif- “Rocket Fuel (PCP)”
Keno ft. Chuuwee- “The Cold”
Murs & Fashawn- “Slash Gordon”
Ab-Soul ft. Danny Brown & Jhene Aiko- “Terrorist Threats”
Tiron & Ayomari- “No Filter”
Bam Circa 86- “*Peace”
Denetia & Sene- “Lucy, Loosie”
Rapsody- “Celebrate”
J. Lately ft. Zumbi & Deuce Eclipse- “Energy”
Erykah Badu- “On & On”
Levi Watson- “Zero One”
A Tribe Called Quest ft. Busta Rhymes- “Oh My God”
Nametag & Nameless- “Buggin”
The Holy Order- “The Holy Order”
Ruby Ibarra- “LIT”
Clear Soul Forces & Kooley High- “Freq Freq”
Thurz ft. Black Thought- “Riot”
Phonte ft. Pharoahe Monch- “We Go Off”
C- Plus- “Ice Cream”
Quelle- “The Retrograde”
Red Pill & Hir-o- “The Kick”
MF DOOM- “Doomsday”
2 Player Co-Op (Trackademicks & 1OAK)- “How Soon Is Now”
Blu ft. Miguel- “First Things First”
Groove Theory- “Tell Me”

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9th Wonder Interview

After his show at The Independent this weekend, Miss Special had the honor to talk to 9th Wonder about the “What Up Tho” video, his beat making visions, the biggest beat hoarder, the Uncle Rukus movie, all the upcoming JAMLA releases for 2013 and more.


Special Delivery Nov. 24, 2014

1. Flying Lotus & MF DOOM- Masquatch
2. JMSN ft. Freddie Gibbs- Street Sweeper Remix
3. Killer Mike- Jockin
4. Ghostface ft. AZ- Blood On The Streets
5. Mursday- Ready 2 Run
6. Gwen Stefani- Spark The Fire
7. Michael Christmas ft. Sir Michael Rocks- Bootleg Designer

Special Delivery Nov. 20, 2014

1. SZA- Sobriety
2. Thelonious Martin ft. Curren$y & Domo Genesis- Atlantis
3. Jesse Boykins III- Our Tonight Is Mine
4. Flying Lotus ft. Krayzie Bone- Medication Meditation
5. Carlitta Durand- Find A Way
6. Wu Tang- Necklace
7. Pusha T- Lunch Money

Special Delivery Nov. 19, 2014

1. Levi Watson prod by Jonathan Cloud- Cold Weather
2. Iman Omari- Diamond Girl (Flip)
3. Yuna ft. G-Eazy- Lights + Camera
4. KR ft. Jasmine Nichol- Dear Beloved
5. Von Pea- Chasing Amy aka In Your Heart
6. BJ The Chicago Kid – One In A Million
7. B. Lewis- Orange Light

Special Delivery Nov. 14, 2014

1. C Plus -Younger
2. Netta Brielle ft. Iamsu!- 3x Krazy Remix
3. Takticz- Never Cheat On A Songwriter
4. T.I. ft Victoria Monet & Nipsey Hussle- About My Issue
5. Anderson Paak- Miss Right

Special Delivery Nov. 13, 2014

1. Thurz ft. Kent of Overdoz- Favorite Girl
2. JMSN – Ends (ESTA remix)
3. Blu ft. Scienze & Johnny U- The Clean Hand
4. Domo Genesis ft. Iamsu- Go Outside
5. BJ The Chicago Kid ft. Freddie Gibbs- B.A.M.
6. Yerrace Martin ft Preston Harris- All Year

Special Delivery Nov. 12, 2014

1. RU ft. Alyssa Bernal- Ground
2. Talib Kweli ft. Curren$y, Kendra Ross & Big K.R.I.T.- Everywhere I Go
3. Rochelle Jordan- There You Go
4. Ghostface- Love Don’t Live Here No More
5. Carlitta Durand – Frankenstein
6. DJ JS1 ft. Eternia, Dynasty & Sara Kana- Give A Damn

Special Delivery Oct. 28, 2014

1. Casey Veggies – 3AM in Cape Town
2. Nate- Do I
3. Run The Jewels ft. Despot & Wiki- Blockbuster Night, Pt. 2
4. TASK1ne- Goosebumps
5. Theophilus London ft Kanye West – Can’t Stop
6. Rocky Rivera – Pussy Kills
7. Audible Doctor – The Burial Plot

Special Delivery Oct. 14, 2014
Diamond District- First Step
Logic- Buried Alive
Prhyme- Courtesy
Big KRIT- Cadillactica
BJ The Chicago Kid- Good Karma
Abjo- Reprisal

Special Delivery Oct. 13, 2014:
Choosey f. Fashawn- Matters
Nipsey Hussle & Dom Kennedy x Jodeci- Don’t Forget Us (Prod. by Cookin Soul)
Party Supplies f. Action Bronson- Light In The Addict
L’Orange f. Ziomara- Dwindle Away
Raekwon x The O’Jays- Back Stabbers
Maryann- Landing

April 16:
Kooley High- “Lent”
Nametag & Nameless ft. Black Milk- “Oxymoron”
Jinesis ft. Homeboy Sandman, Charmingly Ghetto & I Am Many- “Procession of the Equinoxes”
Zyah Belle- “The Good Life”
J. Good & J. Lately- “For Heaven’s Sake”
LA- “Down To Earth Thoughts”
Thelonious Martin- “Colecovision”

Instead of a podcast for April 12th, I ask that you listen to Detroit producer Hir-O’s mix for MTVHive.

April 11:
Bam Circa ’86- “CAKNGHTS”
David Banner- “No Denying (Channel 3)”
The Sweep- “Wor(L)d”
Action Bronson- “Live From Kissena Blvd”
Jahshua Smith ft. Scholar G, FowL & CapitalSS- “Hood Phenomenon”
MSSL CMMND- “Sunshine”
Red Cup League- “Lost And Found”

April 10:
Outkast ft. Erykah Badu- “Humble Mumble”
Ryshon Jones ft. Matt Ford & Thee Tom Hardy- “Lunch Table II”
Kyle Lucas- “Love Me Or Leave Me Alone”
Black Milk- “Computer Ugly/Why Worry”
Yasiin Bey- “The Light Is Not Afraid Of The Dark”
Blu & Miguel- “Stadium”
Locksmith- “Bear With Me”
Big KRIT ft. BJ The Chicago Kid- “Life Is A Gamble”

April 9th:
Zo ft. Sy Smith- “The Train”
Thelonius ft. J. Nolan- “Roses”
LA ft. Dayne Jordan- “Red Light, Green Light”
Talib Kweli ft. Miguel- “Come Here”
ScienZe- “The Answer”
MAD1NE- “Gassed Up”
Nitty Scott, MC- “Language Arts”
Clas6ix- “PartyDown”

April 3:
J. Good & J. Lately ft. Co$$ (Prod by Jansport J)- “Runnin’ On Empty”
LA- “LaLaLand”
Audimatic- “The Wolves”
Trek Life ft. Hawdwerk & Bishop Lamont- “Rap Time”
Melanie Fiona- “Bad”
Yasiin Bey & Mannie Fresh- “Black Jesus”
Tiron & Ayomari- “PRTY N BLSHT”
Amp Live- “D.H.E.A.”

April 2nd:
Haz Solo- “Made II Order”
Notorious B.I.G- “The What (NAMELESS Remix)”
Thurz- “Rodney King”
Marvin Gaye- “What’s Going On”
Positive News
Jahshua Smith ft. Jae Music & Red Pill- “Changes”
40Love- “I Think Too Much”
Rapsody- “Everlasting”
Abjo- “Out Of Reach”

March 27:
iLL CAMILLE ft. BJ The Chicago Kid- “Keep Going Hard”
J. Good (Prod by Tellapath)- “Jugo De Manzana”
Mariah Carey ft. Bone Thugs- “Breakdown (J-LAH Trap Remix)”
Von Pea- “Things Have Changed”
*Positive News
A Tribe Called Quest- “Buggin’ Out”
J. Pinder ft. Choklate- “Illuminate”
*Big Announcement
DJ Kay Rich ft. Fashawn, C- Plus & Problem- “CA All Day”

March 25:
GQ ft. Rapsody & Rockie Fresh- “I Know”
Nas ft. Amy Winehouse- “Cherry Wine”
Major Lazer- “Get Free”
Talib Kweli ft. Joel Ortiz & Blu “Hostile Gospel Remix”
Shinichi Osawa – “September (FPM Beautiful Latin mix)”
The Bullitts ft. Yasiin Bey, Jay Electronica & Lucy Liu – “They Die By Dawn”

March 22:
DLRN- “Good Company”
Jay Z ft. Pharrell- “F*ck All Night”
Quelle ft. Tanya Morgan, Cavalier & Fresh Daily- “Greene Eyes”
The Antiheroes ft. Thurz & Ash Riser- “So Easy”
Big Boi- “Apple Of My Eye”
Killer Mike- “Untitled”
Chuuwee- “Outstanding”
The Gap Band- “Outstanding”

And all the rest on the AudioMack page by clicking on the pic below


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TASK1ne Interview

Miss Special catches up with TASK1ne to talk about touring, his upcoming project with Dibia$e, the Mad1ne project, making a song for his cats, and more.

Rufio Interview

Just days before “Transition 2013”, Rufio speaks with Miss Special in his long awaited interview for Special Sundays. The two spoke about this Saturdays’ show in Sacramento, his many talents, his distinctive beat tag, as well as spelling of his projects and beats. He also spoke about working with Xuice (formerly Illecism) on “dRUnKenMasterS”, his latest beat tape “For Lights” under Dub Temple Records from Brisbane, Australia and what’s next for his group with B. Lewis and Insightful, ALORA.

Pac Div Interview

Miss Special [@MiSS1SPECiAL] talks to Pac Div before their show with Snoop Dogg/Lion in Sacramento. The group speaks about their favorite Snoop songs, the sound of their new project “G.M.B.”, the upcoming video for “Bank”, and their latest video for “Black Acura”. They also talk about critiquing each other, working as a team, and each of their own upcoming projects.

DLRN Interview

Miss Special chats with Sean Lamarr of DLRN following the release of their 3rd project “Awakenings”. They spoke about the new member added to the group, Iman Malika, the planning behind the 3 projects (all 8 tracks for 88.8mph), the tie between the movie “Awakenings” and the growth between the projects. They also spoke about the decision to not have any features on this project, the phenomenal video for “Good Company”, and the 4th project coming real soon.

Thurz Interview

Miss Special talks once again to Thurz about his latest mixtape “517 West Queen” and his upcoming album “Blood On The Canvas”. They also speak about his latest video for “Are You Not?”, more work with Dibia$e, an upcoming track with Willie B of TDE, THX, and Glasses Malone. Additionally a track produced by Polyester and Scoop DeVille, his support of Paper Rose Imagination, working with Bambu again, and an upcoming track with Nneka.

“Blood On The Canvas” is set to release in early 2013 and will feature production from Ro Blvd, THX, DJ Khalil, and Foniks, as well as verses from Black Milk, Like from Pac Div, and possibly Elzhi.

Johnny Polygon Interview

Miss Special of Special Sundays Radio Show caught up with Johnny Polygon to get updates on all of his musical ventures. They spoke about his previous show on Karmaloop TV “The Johnny Polygon Show”, dropping music before “Pussy Gun” and what to expect from those tracks, as well as “Pussy Gun”. He also told the story behind the bay area influence of his new song “Stupid Doo Doo Dumb” and working with Thurz on “Are You Not?”, as well as directing the video for it.

John West Interview

Miss Special of Special Sundays Radio Show caught up with John West to talk about the past, present, and future. They began by talking about his song “Loved You Tonight” and releasing the original version, singing on the Santa Monica Pier, and working with Pusha T and Christian Rich on “Lovely” because of Shae from N.E.R.D. He also spoke about his new sound having a more rock rhythmic sound and using a ukelele, as well as releasing a new album on Island Def Jam soon.

Keno Interview

After Sacramento’s Beats & Lumpia 3 event Miss Special of Special Sundays Radio Show spoke to Keno of T.U.S about his newest release “SNT FRM THE UNDRWRLD”. They spoke about why the title had no vowels, his favorite feature on the project, working with Haz Solo and Jonathan Lowell on “Get Off My Lawn”, rabies, yes, rabies, and more. He also gives an update on the T.U.S project and Ant Chedda pops in to talk about his collab with Keno.


Bambu Interview

Yes this interview is slightly lengthy, but Bambu is an artist who’s message I completely admire and respect, so I didn’t want to cut too much out and there was a great deal that I wanted to talk about.

We of course spoke about his newest album “One Rifle Per Family”, where he said that he initially wanted it to be about family but it evolved into being about community. We also spoke about the features including Killer Mike, Rocky Rivera, and their son Kahlil.

In addition, we spoke about why this is his last album and what that entails for him. We also got to speak about things such as topics he’s been nervous to address, if he is ever overwhelmed by the news of the world, and where he gets his news.

Upcoming he is getting in the lab with the Soul Assassins camp, doing the Bambu vs DJ Muggs tape, another record from The Bar, working with Kixxie Siete & Rey Resurreccion, working with the Native Guns, working on Rocky Rivera’s “Gangster Of Love”, and more.

maticulous Interview

In her 9th and final interview at A3C, Miss Special chats with Brooklyn by way of Pittsburg producer maticulous. The two talk about the visions behind his many different projects, “The Confluence”, “The maticulous EP”, “Mello Instros”, including the upcoming project with Audible Doctor “Audimatic”. In addition after the interview maticulous mentioned he is also working with Sacramento’s Doey Rock.

GQ Interview

While at A3C Jamla’s GQ briefly chatted with Miss Special of Special Sundays Radio Show. The two spoke about his Oakland roots, the UNC vs Duke rivalry in Jamla, how basketball influences his music, and working with Rapsody on “The Idea Of Beautiful”. In addition he speaks on his next project “Death Threats & Love Notes” which has been pushed back to 2013. Also coming in 2013 is Jamla’s “Jamla Is The Squad” compilation.

Ezzie B of Prosthetik Intelligentz Interview

In her 7/9 interview from A3C Miss Special talks with North Carolina’s Ezzie B of Prosthetik Intelligentz. The two speak about teaming up with producer R8DR to make the group Weird Science, their project “The Lo-Fi Experiment”, and the “lo-fi” conditions under which it was made. They also spoke about the importance of street wear and Prosthetik Intelligentz’ upcoming full length project.

Big Remo Interview

Miss Special of Special Sundays Radio Show chats with Jamla’s Big Remo at A3C. They speak about the chemistry between him and 9th Wonder coming from the same city, as well as “beat hoarding” 9th and The Soul Council’s beats. They also speak about the idea behind his message of “glorifying the hood”, his favorite Slick Rick song, and what a song with him and Slick Rick would be like. “That’s my dream right there. If I can get Slick Rick on a track we’re gonna paint a picture, we’re gonna make a movie. Miramax will probably gonna have to produce the video.”

He also speaks on his next project “Hero” and how important it is to be held accountable for what you say. “As you can see on Twitter now I’m verified. You gotta account for everything you say now. So now is the time that I feel like I gotta focus mostly on what I have to account for. These new rappers are very very talented.. Just gotta keep up with them and write better than them and harder and more content, good lyrical content.”

Levi Watson Interview

Meet Levi Watson, 19 year old rapper and producer from Atlanta, GA. In this interview with Miss Special of Special Sundays Radio Show they talk about everything from his influences, rapping to the Weather Channel, his connection to Outkast, the idea behind his project “Neptune”, his large vocabulary, what’s next for him, and his upcoming documentary club.

Stream/ download “Neptune”: here

El Prez Interview

While at A3C Miss Special of Special Sundays Radio Show caught up with El Prez. The two spoke about his Rocky Rivera feature on “Deeper”, touring with Shawn Chrystopher, taking the “King Kong” beat from Thurz, and wanting to do a “King Kong” remix with Problem, Skeme & Freddie Gibbs. They also spoke about what’s coming up next for him including new EP’s hopefully featuring producers such as Polyester, Dahi, Willie B, and more.

BJ The Chicago Kid Interview

While at A3C I got to chat with BJ The Chicago Kid again about his upcoming collaborations and album on Motown Records. He says that a Jill Scott collaboration will happen and describes what it will be like. He also says that a Jojo song is in the works they just both need to find the right time and the right vibe. He also speaks about an upcoming track with Chuck Inglish that he’s waiting for Chuck to release but says it’s so hot he might have to steal it if it’s not released soon enough. He also speaks about opening up for Anthony Hamilton and reminisces about hearing Hamilton’s album for the first time. Additionally, he talks about the highlight of his live show and working on tracks to release before his Motown Records album.

Nameless Interview

After he DJ-ed Clear Soul Forces’ eccentric set at the Amalgam Digital showcase at A3C, I got to speak with Nameless. We spoke about how he got his name, his design work, sketches, his tributes to Dilla and Michael Jackson, and wanting to do a tribute to Wu Tang. We also spoke about his upcoming projects such as, “Fab 5ive” with Clear Soul Forces, “For Namesake” with Nametag, “Buzzards” with Illingsworth, and more.

Netta Brielle Interview

While in Atlanta for A3C Miss Special got the chance to catch up with good friend of Special Sundays Radio Show and recent L7/Harrell Records/Atlantic Records signee; Netta Brielle. The two spoke about the change from the Bay to ATL, what she’s been up to, reminisce on her journey and speak about what’s next for her, including an EP before the album.

ScienZe Interview

After his performance at The Brown Bag All Stars release party for “Brown Label 2”, Miss Special talks to ScienZe about all of his upcoming music. He explains how difficult it was to name his previous project “Divine Scienze”, breaks down his project “pray.tell” with Sene and differentiates it from their duo The Stoop Kids. He also talks about his tour that he is currently on, upcoming music from The Holy Order and more.

Koncept Interview

Before the Brown Bag All Stars’ “Brown Label 2” release party, Koncept took some time to speak with Miss Special of Special Sundays Radio Show. They spoke about everything from cheesesteaks to his upcoming project with DJ Element “Malt Disney”. He also spoke about the Brown Bag All Stars’ album dropping earlier next year and their recording process. In addition he spoke about his previous snowboarding career, parkour, his Mets theme song, and his video for “Hear Hun”.

J. Good Interview

My apologies for the video quality, for just the audio listen here:

Right after releasing his latest project “Bluffington High”, J. Good skyped with Miss Special to speak about all things related to it. He explains the idea behind it, the development of Douglas Pinderhughes; a mix of cartoon Doug Funny and Duncan Pinderhughes from “Class Act”, and why he chose to carry on this character from his last project “The Journal of Douglas Pinderhughes”. He also spoke about the viral secrets he created for that project that were inspired by “Cloverfield”, as well as where to find them.

In addition, he spoke about collaborating with Vancouver’s Peril Threads and the idea behind the t-shirt design. He also talked about the features on the project including producers Abjo and Jordan Nakanishi, and emcees Co$$, King Mez, TBC’s Konkwest and Dceased, Chuuwee, Haz Solo, and Keno. He also gave an update on the T.U.S project and The Avengers project.

Upcoming he has projects with J. Lately, French producer Oster, Virginia producers JM Productions, a full length with Jackson Nakanishi, and 16 year old New York producer Nazzy which might be the soundtrack of his black exploitation film.

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To order the t-shirt and receive a free hard copy of “Bluffington High”:

Audible Doctor Interview

Audible Doctor spoke with Miss Special of Special Sundays Radio Show about all of his upcoming projects. Those projects of course include his new EP “I Think That…” which dropped 9/25, “Doctrine”, the instrumental album executive produced by Large Professor, a second EP with Maticulous, plus another EP towards the end of the year. He also spoke about how Large Professor found out about him and how he found out about Chuuwee. In addition, he spoke about how large of an impact Fat Beats NY had on his career and the people he works with. Plus he dishes out info about his Burger King obsession and his usual order, lol.

Abjo Interview

After the release of his latest project: “We Run The Night” San Diegan producer calls in to Special Sundays Radio Show to talk about it. He talks about featuring Bam Circa 86, Mr. Brady, Trade Voorhees and Chuuwee, plus future work with them all.

He calls Carlitta Durand one of his favorite vocalists out right now, speaks on how they started working together, and his features on her upcoming album “I’ll Be Gorgeous When I Die”.

He also talks about what’s coming up for him including more electronic music with a Soulection EP called ANAGOGE that could include physical copies.

Download the project for free now at:

Ro Blvd. Interview

When it comes to hip-hop, producers tend to be the amazing visualists; every thing they create has a great vision behind it, which in turn gives them the ability to subtly change many things about hip-hop. A great example of this is Los Angeles producer, Ro Blvd. After his latest release “Heart Pounding Panic”, Ro Blvd calls in to Special Sundays Radio Show to talk with Miss Special. He speaks on his newest project and newest ventures with his company Paperose Imagination, his history with music and wanting to change the musical standards, amongst many more topics.

“I tell people all the time through thick and thin, I’m gonna live and die by my samples. That’s who I am and that’s what helped raised me and that’s what helped open the doors to a project like ‘Heart Pounding Panic’. Just for the simple fact that sampling taught me so much”, he replied when asked about the comparison between this project and his previous, “Produc Placers 6”.

He later confesses his aim for his latest project. “I really want to push the musical standards as far as hip hop music goes, with rhythmic music, or even pop music. WIth “Heart Pounding Panic” I really wanted to tear down some walls as far as the genre position of the album.. I want people to feel good about listening to hip-hop again. I want people to be able to play it at a cocktail party and feel like they can listen to it without feeling bullied or feeling aggravated of some sort. I want people to feel proud again.”

He also speaks about working with Micah James again calling him “one of the top emcees, in general, period”. He says that he of course will have production on Thurzday’s upcoming album “Blood On The Canvas” and speaks on their collaboration process over the years.

Upcoming he has new videos for “Heart Pounding Panic”, hopefully two mixtapes before the end of the year, and his next full length project.

Thurz Interview

Thurz calls in to Special Sundays Radio Show with Miss Special to discuss his newest project “517 W Queen”, the prequel mixtape to his next album “Blood On The Canvas”. He speaks about his sound, the idea behind the name of the mixtape and the upcoming album, his hilarious features, touring with Miguel, his new video for “Colors”, and lions of the artwork of the mixtape and upcoming album.

Murs & Fashawn Interview

After their listening party for “This Generation”, Murs and Fashawn chat with Miss Special of Special Sundays Radio Show.

They spoke about their common bonds, the craziest things they’ve done on the road together, and the location for their “Slash Gordan” video being on a porno/Disney movie set. They also spoke on their bonus track about strippers not getting days off, “the Snoop Dogg dance, and Snoop’s influence on them and this album.

They also gave updates on their next projects including; Fashawn’s “Champagne & Styrofoam Cups” and “Ecology” with Exile and Murs’ next album with 9th Wonder.

Rapsody Interview (Exclusive “The Idea Of Beautiful”)

Just two days after releasing her debut album “The Idea Of Beautiful”, Rapsody calls into Special Sundays Radio Show to tell Miss Special about some of the tracks and her upcoming projects.

She spoke about working with Big Rube on “Motivation”, as well as the decision to make the letter to Jay-Z inspired “Destiny”. Rapsody also spoke about the surprise freestyle from Buckshot of Black Moon. Her track “Good Ol’ Love” not only features BJ The Chicago Kid, but Rapsody’s own mother. Rapsody also tells about deciding to go to South Africa for the making of her latest video “Kind Of Love”.

As for the rest of the year, in addition to more videos and touring, Rapsody plans to release four EP’s including ones with Eric G and Oh No. Of course, she will also be included on Kooley High’s debut album excutively produced by 9th Wonder at the top of 2013.

Nitty Scott, MC Interview (Exclusive “Boombox Diaries Vol.1”)

Nitty Scott, MC has finally released the project she has been waiting her whole life to give to the world. Today after releasing her EP “The Boombox Diaries Vol. 1” Nitty Scott, MC called in to talk to Miss Special of Special Sundays Radio Show for her first interview since the release. She spoke about wanting the EP to be something people can listen to without skipping a track and that being influenced by Lupe Fiasco’s “Food & Liquor”, as well as A Tribe Called Quest’s “The Low End Theory” and “Midnight Marauders”.

She also broke down different lyrics and song titles from the project, and explained that the diary entries were from her actual diary from the past two years. Coming up Nitty has tons of visual ideas for the EP and is doing work with Wyclef Jean.