Sene Interview

We tend to identify musicians by their location, yet when they move, we sometimes associate them with the wrong place. After moving to Los Angeles from Brooklyn for five years, Sene experienced this confusion and says it was part of the inspiration for his latest release “Brooklyknight”. “I would always read things like ‘the West Coast artist’ or ‘the Los Angeles native’… so not only to remind people where I’m from but to let them know where the mind state was, where I’m coming from, and what influences what I’m saying.. People were saying that New York fell off so it kinda became this joke like ‘okay let’s see if you’re the knight in shining armor.”

Despite returning home and fully establishing himself as a New Yorker, he does have plans of working with the California, by way of Texas emcee; Chuuwee. In addition he mentions working with the talented emcees New York has to offer, including a collective effort from himself with Soul Khan, YC The Cynic, and ScienZe. This of course following ScienZe’s newest project produced entirely by Sene and Sly5thAve. When asked if a project is stemming from the track “Young Leaders” with Blu and ANTHM he replied, “if there is a project in the works, that’s not on it.”

He also spoke about not reading blogs, being a former childhood model, and working on both Pace Rivers and Denitia Odigie’s upcoming projects.

Omen Interview

Omen calls in to Special Sundays Radio Show with Miss Special to discuss his upcoming project “Elephant Eyes”, amongst other topics such as; writing during a food fight, his mystery sample for “Enchanted”, upcoming music with BJ The Chicago Kid, GLC, and more.

“I was on the tour when Cole was on tour with Rihanna, I was actually just working on the project on that tour, I wasn’t performing I was on the bus with them, writing and recording. I think it was after the show and they were just being clowns but I was in the zone so it didn’t really matter. It was crazy that I was able to write that in the midst of that food fight” he says about writing “Mama Told Me”.

When asked if he writes all his lyrics on paper he replied, “I see those Tupac books and all those books artists have, like rock and roll artists, when they retire or pass away. They have that left behind. So I do want that, but there are times when I do write in my phone.. or on my computer. But, majority of times I really write in a notebook. I like the nostalgia of it.”

With his upcoming project “Elephant Eyes” he is focusing on creating a sound “no one has heard before”, but he is just getting started. “I’m in the early stages, kind of in experimentation mode, really finding what I want the sound to be.” Being both a rapper and producer, after three previous projects where he felt like he was proving himself, this project is “more so fine tuning what I think my strengths are and differentiating me as an artist.”

Chaundon Interview

Miss Special met up with Chaundon at the YC The Cynic & Yuri Beats release party for “Good Morning, Midnight” to talk about his past and future projects.

They spoke about his Golden Era Mondays, including the banging “Can’t Pretend” and its producer H. Dizzy Flow. They also spoke about him flying to California to work with Jansport J on a future full project.

He talks about feeling disconnected from his records because he had to do some much background work, but felt a certain freedom with “The Jammington”
He says that the idea behind the cover art for “The Jammington” was to show that women do listen to his music.

“I used to record his older brother back in the day and YC used to come to the studio. At the time I didn’t know it was him. I didn’t know that a great emcee was about to happen 7, 8 years later. After I heard his first mixtape, that I actually put out on my website. I just believed in him..I told every blog I knew that they had to check it out” he tells about YC The Cynic when speaking about how he chose the features on “The Jammington”.

His next album “The Freshington” with producer Kuddie Fresh is expected in March or April of 2013 and Chaundon has nothing short of amazing to say about it. He proclaims that with this album he will be leaving the underground. “Kuddie Fresh really gave me another tax bracket sound. I’m a shiny suit rapper! I’m not an underground rapper, I’m not a book bagger, I’m sorry! I have book bagger tendencies with the lyrics but I’m a shiny suit rapper. Do you not listen to the lyrics?” He calls himself ” the dope answer for the Drake’s of the world” by giving you that commercial sound but with raw rhymes.

“I’m talking about it like I’m listening to someone else’s record. This is how I felt when I first heard “Illmatic” and “Ready To Die” and “Reasonable Doubt”, this is that feeling.. This is how I felt when I did “The Jammington” and I was right.”

Following “The Freshington” he plans on releasing “The Dopington” with producers Family Biz Entertainment. “If you think ‘The Freshington is gonna be on the radio, you’re gonna hate me by the time ‘The Dopington’ comes out!”

YC The Cynic & Yuri Beats Interview

Miss Special caught up with YC The Cynic and Yuri Beats at the release party for their project “Good Morning, Midnight”.

The two gave hilariously different versions of how they met and decided to work together. “I was walking the desert and the moment I thought there was no human life form I came across Yuri Beats and it was the most amazing experience ever because he had water and I was like wow, we should make music” says YC The Cynic. Yuri Beats followed up by telling a slightly different version about how he saw YC The Cynic perform at South Paw, to which YC The Cynic responds “the stories have to match bro”.

The two remarked on a comment made that their project was “like Drake, Kanye and The Pharcyde had a baby. Then YC raised it and released an album.”

Yuri Beats also spoke on the samples including about tUnE-yArDs sounding like “they wanted to be flipped” and Geto Boys “leveling out with Green Day” on “Brain Stew 2012”.

“I thought it would be fun to kidnap my friends.. I’m glad everyone was willing to be kidnapped and rap at the same time”, YC The Cynic said about the idea behind his video with Soul Khan, Sene and Von Pea, “More & More”.

The two also spoke about their upcoming plans including Yuri Beats working on Nitty Scott MC’s “Boombox Diaries Volume 1”, as well as, Max Burgundy and eXquire and YC The Cynic’s debut album “GNK”.

Clear Soul Forces Interview

Miss Special caught up with the crazy guys of Clear Soul Forces before their show in Brooklyn last week. They told the story about how Royce Da 5’9 suggested they should form a group, what they’re looking forward to at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, their documentary with Red Bull, fucked up m&m’s and more.

“Energy, sweat, and sometimes this n**** will throw up”, they responded when asked what the highlight of their live show is.

Coming up they have a lot of dope things planned, ” ‘Half As Long Twice As Bright’ will most likely be the next video that we put out. We got some pretty awesome ideas for it. So be on the look out for that.” When asked if there’s anything else besides the new video and the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival they replied, “Fab 5 EP. We’re working on an EP with Nameless.”

Rapsody Interview

Miss Special caught up with Rapsody after the Kooley High show in Brooklyn last week,the same day that she debuted her song “Believe Me” on local radio. They spoke about the NBA Championship, being nicknamed “The Beat Hoarder” in the studio, and her favorite 9th Wonder samples.

She also spoke about doing songs that are “bigger” and the preparation of her album “The Idea of Beautiful” which releases August 28, 2012. She also says that it is mostly produced by 9th Wonder and The Soul Council, and names the features including: Mac Miller, Pete Rock, Ab Soul, Raekwon, BJ The Chicago Kid, and more.

In addition she mentions working with Chuuwee soon and her upcoming trip to South Africa.

Nitty Scott, MC Interview

Miss Special caught up with Nitty Scott, MC in the Bronx before her first performance there at the Ladies Love pop up shop. They began by speaking about doing a street performance for her “Tell Somebody” video and her favorite street performers.

When asked why she chose Action Bronson and The Kid Daytona for “Auntie Maria’s Crib (The Neapolitan Remix) she replied, “You know that was a New York thing more than anything else.. They’re both artists that I am huge fans of, that are my homies as well, that represent that new wave, that new generation of spitters that are coming out with their own modern day styles. I think we’re all dope individually so to just put all of that on a track is too swaggy!”

She also spoke about rushing the “How I Fly Remix” for Styles P. “They reached out and I was like yo I can knock that out TONIGHT. It was the thing like you gotta write it, record it, and get it back to them the following day so they could drop it that next day.. Weed is the easiest fucking thing to talk about.”

Coming next for Nitty Scott, MC (hopefully in August) is “The Boombox Diaries Volume One”. “This EP is everything.. I tell people all the time, I’ve been waiting to put out this project my entire life. Despite the fact that I’ve put out mixtapes and music and every thing. Having one cohesive project that has a concept that’s beyond check me out I got skills.. I’ve shown that I have substance but it has been very skills based. I just wanted to be accepted within the hip hop community as a spitta but now I think they want to get to know the girl behind the bars.”

When asked what her own sound is she calls it street soul, for now. She also spoke about meeting Large Professor at one of her recent shows, the upcoming Royal Arena Festival in Switzerland, and more.

Rocky Rivera Interview

From Page 16 to Writing 16’s; The SF State Birth of Rocky Rivera

Rocky Rivera is a woman that along her career has held many amazing
hats and alias’. “Miss Krish is the journalist. EyeASage is a member
of the Rhapsodistas which has since disbanded.. Rocky Rivera is the
woman sitting right here today. Oh and Dr. Rocky? She only comes out
when you need her.. The mad scientist” Rocky Rivera explains.

Currently Rocky Rivera is a successful, underground, independent
rapper with a great following of what she likes to call her “Rocky
Soldiers”. When Rocky Rivera visited Special Sundays Radio Show with
Miss Special on KSFS, it was like a walk down memory lane. Most of her
path to success started there at San Francisco State University.

“I always knew that I wanted to do something in hip-hop, and I found
that when I was at SF State. This is coming back to where I started as
a journalist..” Her extensive journalism career took her as far as MTV
and Rolling Stone when she was a part of, and won MTV’s hit show, “I
Wanna Work For Rolling Stone”.
“When the Rolling Stone thing came around, I was already a journalist.
I was already doing Ruckus Magazine and interviews with The San
Francisco Bay Guardian. That just shows you that if you’re on the ball
and you really want to do something, the universe conspires with you.”

Erin Duncan, of blog has been following Rocky since those
“I Wanna Work For MTV” days. “It’s really cool that she’s from the bay
area because I used to grow up watching her (on the show). I like how
she was a journalist and now she’s a female emcee.”

Many of her articles were geared around the bay area hip-hop artists
that she was raised on, so it came as no surprise when she became a
bay area hip-hop artist as well. “I knew that there was more, there
was more to my contribution. In the end I had to become a participant
because I still felt like those answers that I wanted to know weren’t
being answered and I had to be that answer.”

Her group The Rhapsodistas began at the same place as Special Sundays
Radio Show; SF State and were constant performers on campus. The group
spawned after the women met as advisors at League Of Filipino
Students, and taking Asian- American Studies Courses. Rocky had
decided that she wanted to rap and told the other ladies who
traditionally did spoken word that they should all rap together. “It
was really amazing the response to get that people would see not just
one Pinay emcee, that’s mad militant and really on point, but there
was four of us. So we were in complete solidarity and people really
loved it. To this day they want to see us back together, but it was
really a moment in time.”

In addition Rocky Rivera took hone of her main name at SF State as
well. She came across the name Rocky Rivera while having to read a
book in an Asian-American Literature class. This book was “The
Gangster Of Love” which is also the title of her upcoming album that
she is currently working on. “I want this to be my most musical album
ever so I’m taking my time with it. Not in a sense where it’s going to
take my five years to put out.” Rocky hopes to raise the bar for
herself with this project, as well as, give the people something new.
“I really want to dig in to the talent of the bay and give the people
something they have never seen before. A softer side of Rocky, if
there is one.” Perfectionism being a constant characteristic in
hip-hop music, especially of classic albums, it makes fans even more
excited for the project and willing to wait for it. Especially when
they have so much great Rocky Rivera music already to listen to such
as “Married To The Hustle”, “Rocky Rivera”, and her latest free
mixture “Pop Killer” available now at

Rocky visited SF State’s “Hip Hop Class”, AFRS 256 this semester
and SF State student, as well as teachers assistant to the class,
Kyle Casserly had this to say about her: “I’ve known about Rocky
Rivera for a minute and it was dope to finally meet her this past
semester. Rocky is a brilliant mind and it definitely is reflective in
her music and poetry. I’m hella looking forward to “Gangster Of
Love” and I encourage everyone to cop it”.

Fellow female emcee and constant collaborator Hopie regards Rocky
Rivera as “intense and unapologetic. I’ve always admired her ability
to be diplomatic while remaining blunt simultaneously. Gives new
meaning to the phrase ‘service with a smile’.”

“At the end of the day it all comes to one thing, what are you about,
what is your music about. I just want to make sure there’s a little
girl out there that listens to my music and hears my music and says
‘no I don’t have to be somebody else’s fantasy to do what I do. I just
have to be me.’ That’s really what my music is about. It’s me finally
taking control of my message and wrestling it away from whatever
publication, whatever institution, whatever authority and finally
making it my own. That’s what Rocky Rivera stands for to me.”

Quelle Intervew

Miss Special interviews Quelle Chris for Special Sundays Radio Show on KSFS at San Francisco State University. This past week Quelle Chris came on Special Sundays to talk about his newest release with producer Dibia$e “2Dirt4TV”. They spoke about the idea behind the title, how the two linked up, the first single “Live Alone, Die Alone” and the video for it. They also spoke about learning things from youtube, the current state of music, and what’s next for him; including another project with Dibia$e along with Crown Nation and Knxledge.

Jansport J Interview

Miss Special interviews Jansport J for Special Sundays Radio Show on KSFS at San Francisco State University. Last week on Special Sundays Radio Show Jansport J called in to talk about his new instrumental album “Movemeants II: The Reprise”. We spoke about working with J. Good, the reason behind the sequel to “Movemeants” and which came first the story or the beats. We also spoke about him using porn clips on “Entertain You”, the familiar samples he used, House Shoes critiquing his album and playing his album release party. In addition we spoke about his beard, him being picked up on by an older white woman, exclusive merchandise information and more.

BJ The Chicago Kid Interview

Miss Special interviews BJ The Chicago Kid for Special Sundays Radio Show on KSFS. I was finally able to interview BJ The Chicago Kid before his performance at The Vibe House during SXSW. We spoke about working with Thurz, Pac Div, Fly.Union, a bunch of unreleased tracks with Fly.Union, possibly doing a duet with Kay Cola and his upcoming duets with Joi Starr, Lola, Treasure Davis, etc. We also spoke about the story behind the title “Pineapple Now-Laters”, including the J. Dilla influence, bringing soulful r&b back, the next video from the album from Paris and when to expect it. In addition we spoke about the success of the album, the loss of his friend, the creative process when working with Kendrick Lamar and what’s next for him.

Liza Garza Interview

Miss Special interviews Liza Garza for Special Sundays Radio Show on KSFS at San Francisco State University. While at SXSW, I was introduced to the lovely Liza Garza at the WhutUpDoe “Set It Off” showcase. After the showcase, I had the pleasure of interviewing her. We spoke about her appearance on Def Poetry Jam, her favorite hip-hop artists and her first album “BloomfulBeautiful”. We also spoke about her next album, the story behind her latest song “Gather Round”, writing poems and songs, her jewelry line and more.

Mick Boogie Interview

Miss Special interviews Mick Boogie for Special Sundays Radio Show on KSFS at san Francisco State University. A few weeks ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to interview one of my favorite DJ’s Mick Boogie after his set at an Above Ground party in SF. We spoke about his days in college radio, DJ-ing for the Cleveland Cavaliers, how he chooses the artists he works with and the process behind his projects. We also spoke about where he found the Pharrell intro on his Pharrell tape, the process behind the Dilla tape, working with Nitty Scott, MC, his favorite project he’s done, his favorite artists to work with and his favorite tracks to play when he does live DJ sets. He also spoke about Little Brother, doing an upcoming Beastie Boys tribute project, possibly a Neptunes Side B project and more.

Eligh and Amp Live Interview

Miss Special interviews Eligh and Amp Live for Special Sundays Radio Show on KSFS at san Francisco State University. Miss Special spoke with them before their show at Slim’s on Friday night. They spoke about the highlight of their live show together, individual tracks on “Therapy At 3” such as “Devil’s Medicine” and “Metronome” including on of Amp Live’s secrets. They also spoke about addiction, the “Ego Killer (Remix)” video, the possibility of the “Metronome” video slipping out and what’s next for them including a new Zion-I album, another album like “Enigma” and a project for Eligh with DNA.

Chuuwee interview

Miss Special interviews Chuuwee on Special Sundays Radio Show on KSFS at San Francisco State University. They spoke about his upcoming project “Chez!?…Chill!” his Dilla tribute set to release March 3rd. They spoke about why he chose to do a Dilla tribute project, how many tracks it will have and the features. They also spoke about what’s going on with the awaited project “Crown Me King” and his other upcoming projects including “Wild Style”, “Third Coastin” and a southern hip-hop mixtape. Chuuwee also played exclusive tracks; “Air” featuring Levi Watson and “Get It Crackin” featuring Mistah Fab. J. Good also called in and gave an update and insight on The Avengers anticipated project “Cold Summer In Gotham”.

Jasmine Solano interview

Miss Special interviews Jasmine Solano for Special Sundays Radio Show on KSFS at San Francisco State University. They spoke Friday night before her DJ set at Ambassador Lounge in San Francisco. They spoke about doing specialty radio, Wiz’s “Deal Or No Deal” tour, the reactions she gets when she DJ’s and raps. They talked about her college degree, her new merchandise including shirts, stickers and slipmats. They also spoke about her upcoming EP “RAP”, not doing a video with Yelawolf, the next release from it and the feel of it.

Konkwest Interview

Miss Special interviews Konkwest for Special Sundays Radio Show on KSFS at San Francisco State University. They spoke about his newest project “Early Morning Midnights” with producer Rufio that is releasing tomorrow (February 29th). We spoke about the feel of the project, how it would be released and the samples he helped Rufio with. We also spoke briefly about his next project “Beautiful De La” with producer Tellapath, set to release April 20th on dvd with videos to each song.

Kay Cola interview

Miss Special interviews Kay Cola for Special Sundays Radio Show on KSFS at San Francisco State University. They spoke before her show with her father, Hurbert Laws at Yoshi’s in San Francisco. They spoke about her background in music, including her degree from Loyola Marymount University and if she will continue songwriting. We also spoke about her project “Love & Music”, working with Skyzoo & Christian Rich and her vision for the hopefully upcoming “Home” video. They also spoke about working on the new K. Roosevelt project, Miss Special pitches the idea of her doing a duet with BJ The Chicago Kid and Kay Cola talks about what’s next for her.

Idle Warship Interview

Miss Special interviews Idle Warship after their show at the Pagoda Lounge in San Jose. In the fun interview we spoke about their newest album “Habits Of The Heart”, as far as the concept, the role playing they had to do, the video for “Laser Beams” and the upcoming video for “Beautifully Bad”. We also spoke about Res’ follow up album “Reset” and her good friend Santogold. We also spoke about Talib Kweli’s new album “Prisoner Of Conscious”, including the features, when to expect it and where to find details on the anticipated Black Star album. We also spoke about his community mixtape, the idea of Res putting one out for singers, his “Liberation 2” project with Madlib and Res’ upcoming “Refried Mac” project.

Exile Interview

Miss Special interviews Exile for Special Sundays Radio Show on KSFS at San Francisco State University. Last Wednesday before his show at 330 Ritch with Blu, I got to chat with one of my favorite producers, Exile. We spoke about the craziest thing he ever sampled, his second album with Fashawn “The Ecology”, a new project as Emanon with Aloe Blacc and a Dag Savage project (including a free mixtape beforehand). We also spoke about working early with Miguel, his phone call with Jay Electronica, and his fascination with the radio.

Blu Interview

Miss Special interviews Blu for Special Sundays Radio Show on KSFS at San Francisco State University. Before his show last night in SF I got to sit down with Blu and talk about a few things. We spoke about working with Quelle and Chuuwee on songs dropping later this year, the status of his “UCLA” project with Madlib and the idea behind the song “Doin Somethin” with U-N-I, Pac Div, TiRon, Ayomari, J*Davey etc. We also spoke about his newest release “Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them” including the reason for the “un-mastered” sound, if there will be a mastered version and why the tracks were from 2009. In addition, we spoke about the samples he’s chosen for Exile, the many more songs from “No York” and hard copies of “Below The Heavens”. (Again, I sincerely apologize for the quality of this video, the Exile one will be much better on Friday.)

Hawdwerk & Jansport J Interview 2

Miss Special interviews Hawdwerk & Jansport J again for Special Sundays Radio Show on KSFS at San Francisco State University. We had a funny conversation about their newest album “Black Balls”, including where the title came from, the happiness theme, the promo video they made and their friends Elliot Alwood and Keith Grand. We also spoke about the narrator of the album Tobias, the tracks “My Type”, “Proverbs”, “Black Man” and “F*ck Jansport J”.

Fashawn Interview

Miss Special interviews Fashawn for Special Sundays Radio Show on KSFS at San Francisco State University. On Friday, December 30th while filming the “Getting It” video in the bay area, I caught up with Fashawn. We spoke about his biggest accomplishment thus far, Nima Fadavi’s “Grizzly City Kush Mixtape”, the mixtape feel of “Champagne and Styrofoam Cups”, the producers on it and the accompanying movie. We also spoke about his upcoming sophomore album with Exile “Ecology”, how Slick Rick has inspired him, hoping to work with Traxamillion, as well as Phonte and what’s next for him.

Skeme Interview

Miss Special interviews Skeme for SPECIAL SUNDAYS Radio Show on KSFS at San Francisco State University. I got to speak with Skeme about his newest release “Before My Next Statement”, including releasing it untagged with more songs,working again with Beats4Clothes and the fan favorites on the project. We also spoke about his video for “M.O.B” including the flack he received on using the Malcolm X clip, working with Kay Cola, working with Pac Div and K. Roosevelt’s upcoming solo project. In addition we talked about his upcoming song and video with Dom for “The Statement 2”, the process on “The Statement 2” and more.

Dom Kennedy Interview

Miss Special interviews Dom Kennedy for SPECIAL SUNDAYS Radio Show on KSFS at San Francisco State University. At the W$GT$ show at the Regency Ballroom in SF, I got to talk to Dom Kennedy about winning the Monopoly game in Smoke DZA’s video, working with Nipsey Hussle, Freddie Gibbs and what it was like being a part of the BET Cyphers this year. We also spoke about K. Roosevelt’s upcoming solo project, the highlights of his live show and the comparison between Pharrell’s “That Girl” and his song “The Ways”. In addition we talked about his upcoming videos for “Platinum Chanel” and “The Ways” and insight on his next project coming February 2012.

SigNif Interview

Miss Special interviews Signif for Special Sundays Radio Show on KSFS at San Francisco State University. We spoke about her newest project “Embracing Rejection” including the vision behind the title and the entire project, producers she worked with, the features and the reason behind the snippets. We also spoke about why she chose to have certain blogs present this project, the different ideas behind the subject matter and what’s next for her, including Significant Wizdom Part 2.

Freddie Gibbs Interview

We spoke about performing live with Grillade, his track “Chill” with Trackademicks, Phonte and 1-O.A.K, Young Jeezy being one of his inspirations and him appearing on “Thug Motivation 103” set to release December 20th. We also spoke about his newest release “Cold Day In Hell”, including the features on it, his EP “Lord Giveth, Lord Taketh Away” with Statik Selektah, remixing Random Axe’s “Chewbaca” and what’s next for him

Nitty Scott MC Interview

The wonderful Nitty Scott MC calls in to Special Sundays Radio Show. We got to talk about so many things including why she put the “MC” on her name, her journalism background, her “more than yourself” vision, the story behind her “Monster” freestyle video and working with Mick Boogie on her first mixtape “The Cassette Chronicles”. We also spoke about her upcoming release “Doobies x Popsicle Sticks”; including references to the first time she heard her song on the radio, her favorite Arizona Iced Tea flavor and cupcakes. as well as, what to expect from the project, the preparation for her BET cypher verse, and what else is next for her.

Blue Scholars Interview

A few weeks ago Miss Special had the opportunity to interview Blue Scholars before their show at Slim’s in San Francisco. She first spoke with Geo/Prometheus Brown about working with Sacramento’s DLRN, the process behind his project “Walk In To A Bar” with Bambu, calling the duo he and Bambu formed The Bar, the significance behind it, and his favorite song on that project. Then she talked to both Geo and Sabzi about the names they came up with for the group before they decided on Blue Scholars, the two of them switching roles; as far as Sabzi doing vocals and Geo making beats, and the process of Sabzi producing beats around vocals. We also spoke about Sabzi and Bambu’s project/group “Inglewood Humperdink”, what’s next for Blue Scholars including releasing unreleased songs on cassette? and more.

Bambu Interview

Miss Special interviews Bambu for SPECiAL SUNDAYS Radio Show on KSFS at San Francisco State University.

 I recently caught up with Bambu at Slim’s in San Francisco before his show with Blue Scholars. We spoke about his “#TROYDAVIS Freestyle”, his recent project with Prometheus Brown “Walk Into A Bar”; as far as the meaning behind the title, the vision behind the project, the producers on it and his favorite track “Roshida Jones”. We also spoke about his mysterious project with Sabzi “Inglewood Humperdink”; as far as if it will come out, the story behind the title, in addition to, his Diamond Supply tape with 6Fingers, his last album and what else is next for him including a record with DJ Muggs, an EP with Duke from Psycho Realm and a record with Mystic

Random Abiladeze Interview

Miss Special interviews Random Abiladeze for SPECiAL SUNDAYS Radio Show on KSFS at San Francisco State University.

 They spoke about his newest album “Indubitably” including the songs “Walk Into My Office” and “Life Of The Party”. They also spoke about his Sammie performance and win for “Best Hip Hop Artist”, plus what’s next for him and more.

Phonte Interview

Miss Special interviews Phonte for SPECiAL SUNDAYS Radio Show on KSFS at San Francisco State University. Phonte called in to Special Sundays Radio Show to talk about his solo album “Charity Starts At Home”. They spoke about what the album meant to him, why now was the time for it, what praise meant the most to him and his favorite track. We also spoke about why he shouted out Fashawn on “Everything Is Falling Down”, a video for “The Good Fight” as well as videos for every other track on the album, what’s next for him including the tour with 9th Wonder, scoring an independent film with Nicolay called “The Last Fall” and his favorite song on 9th Wonder’s “The Wonder Years”.

Fly.Union Interview

Miss Special interviews Fly.Union for SPECiAL SUNDAYS Radio Show on KSFS at San Francisco State University.

 They started with how they got their name, the idea behind the lifestyle “the greater than club” and the actual album “The Greater Than Club”; including the vision and the features. They also spoke about the value packs that they released, if they will release more, their clothing line and Jerreau and Iye working with BJ The Chicago Kid on “The Life Of Love’s Cupid”. In addition they spoke about Iye and Jay Swifaa’s group MnkeyWrench; including their latest project “Until Forever” and the video for “Lights Out”, their fathers being in a funk band together, their N.E.R.D influence, and what’s next for them.

ANAK Interview

Miss Special interviews ANAK for SPECiAL SUNDAYS Radio Show on KSFS at San Francisco State University. They spoke about how they came together from two rival groups in high school, how they got the name ANAK, their videos on youtube and their upcoming shows. They also spoke about their single “Adore You”, their upcoming EP, videos and more. Plus they sing acapella!

Jhene Aiko Interview

Miss Special interviews Jhene Aiko for SPECiAL SUNDAYS Radio Show on KSFS at San Francisco State University.They spoke about her sisters former group, working with Fisticuffs as part of her sound, her writing process for “Sailing Souls”, how the theme of “Sailing Souls” came about and her top 5 current rappers. They also spoke about her covering “Marvin’s Room”, performing Lil Kim’s “Crush On You” and what’s next for her including recording, performing and upcoming videos for “Do Better Blues” and “My Mine”.

Hopie Interview for “Raw Gems”

Miss Special recently caught up with Hopie to talk about her newest album “Raw Gems” (available now!). They spoke about working with 6Fingers and Exile, the meaning behind the title, why it stuck for so long and the features. They also spoke about the reasons behind the track “No Chase”, her line “It’s the same me, just more lyrical”, the videos for “Space Case” as well as “Like Love”, the release party in Sacramento September 30th and what’s next for her; including more videos and a new album.

J. Cole Interview

Miss Special interviews J. Cole for SPECiAL SUNDAYS Radio Show on KSFS at San Francisco State University.

 They talked about the impact of “The Warm Up”, a video for “Lights Please”, why “In The Morning” was released so many times and his many person perspective rap style.

*Miss Special’s note: This interview was something I did for me; as a long time fan, as a pure appreciator of this man’s music, his journey and his inspiration. I didn’t do this interview for a “breaking story” and I damn sure didn’t want to ask him the same four questions that everyone else has been asking him for months. But I did want to take just a little bit of time to ask him some things I had wondered for years and really take the opportunity to thank him for the impact his music had on my life during the hardest of times. Plus what do you ask an artist who’s music you just really get? It may not mean much to you, but it’s incredible how much it means to me.

Beats For Clothes Interview

Miss Special interviews producers Beats4Clothes for SPECiAL SUNDAYS Radio Show on KSFS at San Francisco State University.
They spoke about how they got their name, going to recording school with Skeme, meeting Casey Veggies, why they do so much work with Casey Veggies and their upcoming tour with him, Pac Div and Mac Miller. They also spoke about their previous beat tape, their upcoming project “Good For Nothing”, the features on that, when to expect it and more.

TiRon and Ayomari Interview

Miss Special interviews TiRon and Ayomari for SPECiAL SUNDAYS Radio Show on KSFS at San Francisco State University. They spoke about “A Sucker For Pumps”, as far as; the cover art being universal, the vision behind the project, the features and the producers. They also spoke about the next single, upcoming videos, the hidden quirks among the project, touring, what’s next for them and more.

Thurz Interview

Miss Special interviews Thurzday for SPECiAL SUNDAYS Radio Show on KSFS at San Francisco State University. They spoke about the vision behind “L.A. Riot”, how L.A. has changed since 1992 and the research that went in to the album. They also spoke about the producers he worked with, the features he chose, the similarities between “N****s” and Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks” and what’s next for him including videos and movies.

TASK1ne Interview

Miss Special interviews TASK1ne for SPECiAL SUNDAYS Radio Show on KSFS at San Francisco State University. They spoke about his debut album “District 916” and fellow SkyNet member Mad Flows calls in to talk about what they are working on. TASK1ne also talks about the vision behind his album title, the features, producers, where to get it and his upcoming tour.

Abstract Ninjaa and Kwest The Second Son (GPK) Interview

Miss Special interviews Abstract Ninjaa and Konkwest for SPECiAL SUNDAYS Radio Show on KSFS at San Francisco State University.They spoke about the idea behind the project, the features, their favorite songs, the video for “Have A Nice Dave”, getting ready to shoot the video for “Nervous Rex” and what’s next for them.

Skeme Interview

Miss Special interviews Skeme for SPECiAL SUNDAYS Radio Show on KSFS at San Francisco State University.

They spoke about his favorite track on The Statement, working with K. Roosevelt on “Thanks God”, “That Good” and “Ape Sh*t” all in one day. They also talked about The Statement 1.5 including features such as Erk Tha Jerk, ASAP Rocky and more, going on tour with Strong Arm Steady for the Arms and Hammers Tour. Additionally, they spoke about new releases from the Sox Gang, why he chose to do “Krooked Montana” and releasing something from him and Cardo soon.

Dwele Interview

Miss Special quickly caught up with Dwele at The 2011 Summer Soul Festival in San Jose for SPECiAL SUNDAYS Radio Show on KSFS at San Francisco State University.

They talked about his aforementioned project “Jon’s My Name”, working with Kanye West and the other G.O.O.D Music artists, working with The Breakfast Club, the meaning behind his new album title “Wants, World Women”, The ATCQ movie and what’s next for him.

Chuuwee Interview

Miss Special and Myk Blauuw interview Chuuwee for #WordToWoodrow Radio Show on KDVS (90.3FM & at UC Davis.

They spoke about his newest project “Be Cool”, producer Jonathan Lowell, why they chose to work together, the feel and vision behind the project , “Be Cool” part two, his work on Chuu3PO and the new milestones for him(going to NY, his shirt with Ooloo Clothing). He also spoke about the features on “Be Cool”, being on a 9th Wonder production, working with Cookin’ Soul, having his mom rap on this project, his promo videos, what’s next for him and more.